Job opportunities

Le selezioni sono momentaneamente chiuse, torna a visitarci.



Please note that selections are made exclusively in our offices of Catania after filling our recruitement form, which you will find in 2016, in this section of our website ETNALAND.EU.
If your profile is selected, you will be contacted by our Human Resources Department for an interview at the offices of the Park in Catania. No other office is authorized to make selections on our behalf.

Medical examinations, later requested, are fully at the expense of the company Etnaland srl and will be scheduled after passing the interview. Please note that any other procedure is considered not pertinent to the company and is not evaluated in any case.

Etnaland’s official website is ETNALAND.EU, PLEASE BE WARY of ANY OTHER DOMAIN because it is totally ALIEN to the property.

Thank you