Min height 1.40m
Automatic Photoland service

Category: Extreme

Min height: 1.40m

Max depth pool arrival: 0.70m / 0.45m

Technology: Behemoth BOWL 40 / Tornado Wave

Departure: Dry with 4 seat rubber boat

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On a 4 places rubber boat, you will be launched at full speed straight into the adventure, facing quick rapids and winding descents for 160 meters, embraced and wrapped thundering jets, down to the pool, acclaimed by everyone, daredevils giant challengers.

Special marks

We didn't choose the name by chance. Colossum: gigantic dimensions for a revolutionary slide that promises powerful and exciting emotions.


Colossum is a hybrid slide realized for the first time in Italy by ProSlide, exhilarating and successful combination of technology Behemoth BOWL 40/Tornado Wave, that guarantees top performance and amazing fun!