Themepark and Acquapark Facilities


Etnaland’s nursery has everything you need to take care of your children.


All day locker rentals are available in the park to store your personal belongings. (5 € is the rental cost and 5 €  is the key deposit). Deposit will be refund at key redelivery.

Free parking Areas

Etnaland offers 700.000 Sq.ft. parking area, conventionally located near the park entrance. This area can host cars, motorcycles, and buses. (Unattended parking).

Exclusive service Acquapark

Changing rooms

You can find changing rooms at the Etnaland’s Waterpark Central Square; get ready to discover the park! 

Safe-Deposit box

If you want to keep your valuables in a safe place, you can choose the safe-deposit box.
Please  choose among your friends, who will be the one, and only, authorized to operate the safe box. (price 10 Euros).


Showers are located in the Central Square.
Hot water shower: 3 minute service 1 euro.