Min height: 1.50m
No Photoland Service

Category: for everybody

Minimum height: 1.50m

Type: Go-Karts

Please note: it is forbidden to introduce bags or backpacks.

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Challenge the game of the five senses, on a snow-covered Go-Karts path. You will be drifting all way long! Your eyes glued on the snow-covered runway, the touch of your fingers that shake the steering wheel, your ears will vibrate at unison with the roar of the engine.

Special marks

Drifting (literally drifting) is a sports discipline that is part of motor racing. It is a competition of skill and not speed, which is carried out with cars derived from road models and exclusively with rear wheel drive or modified as such.


The skill does not lie in the speed, but in keeping control! If you want to beat your opponent, study his moves and play in advance! And careful, the track is very very slippery!


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