Photoland Etnaland
Photoland Etnaland

Take with you unforgettable moments.

"On ride" & Bracelet 
Just have them near you and say cheers! "On ride" are the special cameras installed on Jungle Splash, Crocodile Rapids, Niagara Falls , Dragon River, The Storm, Eldorado and Hip Hop Coaster that will be able to immortalize your funniest expressions. We will give you a bracelet with a barcode where all your pics will be saved in. Stop in scan booth positioned all over the park, scan your barcode and wait for the acoustic signal to confirm your registration. Then go to any Photoland point to immediately have a look to all your magic photos. Keep in mind that the bracelet works for all the day and for any picture taken within the Park.

Photoland crew take photos of you all around the park, purchase the ones you to take magic moments always with you.

A fantastic souvenir for a amazing experience.

Download your photo!

Fill out the form by entering the code you find on the photo you purchased at Photoland kiosk, you will then receive an email with the link to download your photo.

Nb. The code on the photo will help you to complete the procedure; you have 14 days from the date of purchase to download your photo.

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