Day plan Themepark

Day plan Themepark

Etnaland is the island of possibilities where adults and kids alike can write its on story of fun.

Day plan gives you the possibility to follow a program; whether you feel a fearless hero or a fan of amusement, here you will be able to follow your dream and write the story you like the best!

Are you ready? Choose the day plan that you prefer and remember that in the island of fire, stories are full of passion! May be you will realize that one story is not enough!

Fire Island Hero

Heroes are you ready? This day plan is designed for real thrill seekers.
For you that nothing has ever stopped; for you who determined to challenge yourself and the others along an entertaining itinerary full of emotions.

This is your day plan, ironclad warrior, fighter, player, brave, heroe! Key word is fire! Face your fears and turn them into achievements.

Begin your day step by step. Do you see the mountain? It's Eldorado, it awaits you for a whirling ride on it's mine carriages, the right fuel to warm up for the other challenges.

You are a hero aren't you? Go to Quasar, a galactic world that will see you loosing yourself in a magnificent maelstrom, roll, rock you up and down, an experience that will prepare you to climb on Vortigo! There adrenalin will be materialized. Emotions will raise to the beat of your heart, which will jump at every move! Don't miss this unbelievable experience!
You are now halfway through the adventure, do you feel confused? Disoriented? Stop for a moment, look at the landscape, it is time to face Revo-Rock 360, your mind has to be very light, on the top fear will be the only feeling.
You will spin, shake and go higher and higher, upon the sky, through the clouds, a real back and fourth in a real amazing 360 fun. So you feel a real hero? You think this is still not enough for you? Recover your courage, relax and lunge in The Storm's atmosphere thrill will take you by surprise as soon as you step on the station. A slight dizziness and to the sound of rock music you'll defy the limits of speed, higher and higher in a unique and thrilling journey.

Ok, perfect! It's nearly done. Just one ore two more efforts and we can yell it loud! Can you hear the splash? It's the moment to show the best of you! Jungle Splash will be one of your last steps to success. 30 m high, strange spirits inside will take you to a leap into the unknown. We are certain, you can do it!

Here we go! Last challenge for you hero!

Look up, can you see it? It's Etnaland Tower. Do you feel uncontrolled? Go up there, the only thing you will hear are your screams. It's enough even for you isn't it? Perfect, relax now and choose another day plan.

It's up to you!
Write your story Fire island hero as you live it!

Little Dreamer in an Enchanted World

Dreams are the driving force of the world, dreams are that invisible substance that give children the possibility to turn into, even only for a day, what they would like to be: heroes, knights, pilots, actors, policemen, guardians, thieves. Dreams, it is well-known, give colour to everything.

This day plan is dedicated to your dreams.
As soon as you cross the threshold of the Themepark, right in front of you, you will find a beautiful village inhabited by little blue beings! They will welcome you and make you have fun aboard fantastic cars! But who are these cute little guys? Did you recognize them? Of course, they really are the Smurfs! Ready to experience smurfy emotions and take beautiful souvenir photos? After having fun among the smallest creatures in the park, it's time to get back on the road.

After the bridge you will find an enchanted Castle, where Ciclopina and Ciclopino, our mascots, sleep in golden slumber, wrapped up in the magic light of 'E', the light of dreams, indeed.

It will gently reach you and you'll be ready to follow this magical path who will give you the magic light of 'E' to start your adventure and become a fearless hero.

First you will be able to go up and brush the sky on Billow balloon, when down you'll experience an unrestrained pursuit on Guardie e Ladri, then up again into the sky again on Mini Tornado you will fly on the wings of fantasy and feel like a real pilot, you will then be very determinated to challenge Mini Vortigo. Just behind you will discover a fantastic world, it's Ciclopino and Ciclopina's circus that awaits you. Lelefante will welcome you on his massive shoulders, in a really funny up and down, Twistarello will make your head turn over and over again, so put your feet back on the ground and live the next emotion on Camellotto that will make you jump and jump around of joy and on TazzeMatte you will die of laughing.

In every magic place, there is always a princess to save! Go to Ciclopina's Tower and climb up to the top to save her, on your return you will really feel like a true Hero.

You will celebrate your victory on Hip Hop Coaster along its boulevard. Then you will be cached by the magic of the Laser Show light and on Rondò you will touch the sky.

On Gran Carillon you will have lot of fun with mum and dad and you will then decide to live a fantastic adventure on Dragon River. Rest a bit on 1900 th because afar you will see a crazy cat, she awaits you to live some magic moments on her coaster, on her Miaocoaster! Leap into the "cat-tastic" adventures and play inside Granny Pina's house with The house of 44 cats, and if you are still not tired, you will catch the train of time and visit the Prehistoric Park and its botanic path. Once back to the present you can climb on Kasimiro, where imagination will travel miles away! Finish on a high note on Acquabum, and at the Cinema.

Its up to you! Write your story Little dreamer in an enchanted world as you live it!

Brave Boarding

A Legend is in the air, your legend!

Are you ready to assume the role of a 'Brave Border' and live a breathtaking adventure full of mystery?
If your answer is yes, this day plan is up your alley!

You will be immediately fascinated by Eldorado, nothing will be able to stop you, not even the majestic sight of the giant mountain.
You're brave right? You will get on the carriages and hurl forward into the darkness of the mountain tunnels, dash in and out and swoop around sharp turns. Your only goal will be: finding gold!

Once the experience of Eldorado is over it will be the time to unsheathe your fighting spirit: on board Kaos boats, you'll be able to draw your best weapons in a real shooting water battle.

When the game gets tough, 'brave borders' start to play right? But remember, that you will need loads courage for the greatest trial. Once you have overreached your friends, you will feel strong enough to climb up on Babel, a chaotic turn clockwise that will make you loose your orientation, and the imminent fall will leave you breathless. Confusion and dizziness are the words of this adventure, but certainly to prove your value, you still have some more to do!

From afar you will catch sight of the tower: imposing and high Etnaland Tower, ready to defy you from a distance.
Once up there, you will let yourself go to speed, beyond physics limits, you will receive the arena's applause provided that your performance was admirable; then, you'll be able to say you're a real brave border!.

Like any warrior-hero after an exhausting battle, you will then feel the need to slow down a bit.
Behind The School you will find the electric boats of Love Lagoon waiting for you to relax and appreciate nature. If you want to go back in the days and feel like a kid, you have to go on Gran Carillon.

Just the time needed to recharge your batteries.
Brave ones never stop! How can you continue this adventure? We can give you a few other clues: Jungle Splash, Dragon River and Crocodile Rapids!

It's up to you!
Write your story Brave Border as you live it!

Inexpert in the World of Amusement

Is it your first time in an amusement park?
Don't worry all you need is good mood and enthusiasm, and we'll take care of entertaining you.

Themepark is the mechanic dimension of Etnaland in which you will find many attractions for old and young ones alike.

Start the day by visiting the Prehistoric Park and its botanic path, you will get there after a mini trip on the time train.

Is there a better way to begin your journey? From now on it will be like living a dream, made up of great and small emotions that will make your heart beat faster, offering you an unforgettable experience. After your fabulous walk among the giants, treat yourself to a fun interlude among the smallest inhabitants of the park! Visit the Smurf Village, the little ones can also take a fun ride on the very smurfy cars!

The School will open the doors to your amusement you will meet inside some funny spirits along the path, then you will have a trip on Love Lagoon's boats, on Gran Carillon you will make a step back in time and feel like a child, and you'll be emoved to see your children go away on Kasimiro.

You will loose control in a water battle on board of Kaos boats, before being seduced by the 4D Cinema.

Once out, Ciclopino's dreams will find a way into your heart, after the bridge you will cross the threshold of the Castle and won't resist to all the delicacies you can buy inside. Nearby you'll see Hip Hop coaster that will ravish you in the American dream, on the top of Babele you will experiment your first amazing vertigos.

1900th will offer you the magic of history and Dragon River the thrill of adventure.
And again and again.

After this amazing start it's up to you to continue your journey as a:

  Brave boarding
  Fire Island hero
  Little dreamer in an enchanted world

Your story is written! Start living it!