Day plan Acquapark

Day plan Acquapark

Etnaland is the island of possibilities where adults and kids alike can write its on story of fun.

Day plan gives you the possibility to follow a program; whether you feel a fearless hero or a fan of amusement, here you will be able to follow your dream and write the story you like the best!

For Everyone

Lazy Mode
Perfect for a day of relax.

Hey you lazy! Are you ready? Let's start with the regenerating waters of Laguna Blu, an oasis made of rocks and jacuzzi areas that will allow you to stay away from the squeals and enjoy a few hours of real tranquility. You can also rent loungers near the pool and enjoy this little corner of paradise.
If after a nice nap on the deckchairs you still want a bit of peace go to the Hydro Pool, there you can relax under water bells or enjoy a jacuzzi massage comfortably seated, surrounded by nature.

Are you ready to take a ride after all this relax? Then discover the lazy waters of Fiume Lento that will lull you on a single-seater dinghy allowing you to take a real journey in the name of idleness! Resti s never too much, but you should move a bit, shouldn’t you? Then head to Piscina a Onde and unleash a little, every hour this pool becomes the meeting point of young and old who jump to the rhythm of music pushed by eight different types of waves. What do you say? It can be done?

Well, since you've now launched yourself into the beat of summer, it's time to challenge your friends on Tobogan Giganti, these exciting slides of mammoth size are what it takes to put some adrenaline into your relax. Follow the advice, you won't regret it. As you slide keep your eyes opened and enjoy the fabulous spectacle of the sky and the surrounding nature. Take advantage of this moment and let the peaceful current of Rio Anaconda’s waters drag you down, until the next lap. It’s time to relax again, isn’t so we suggest you to go to the Laser Show where, comfortably seated, you can enjoy a fabulous show of lights and laser effects.

To conclude this fabulous day, go to the Prehistoric Park and its Botanical Path, jump on the Prehistoric train and take a closer look at more than 23 life-size scientific reproductions of the world's oldest inhabitants: dinosaurs, from Pterigoto to The Man of Cromagnon, from the Brontosaurus to the T- Rex via the Anatosaur to the Mammoth! A real journey over millions and millions of years.

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For Family

Family Mode
A super day of fun with your family

A family day plan to enjoy and have maximum fun.

Let's start with one of Etnaland’s Acquapark cult attractions: Crocodile Rapids! With your family you will experience fantastic emotions between vortices and waterfalls and, remember, the fate of the family crew depends on you. Not bad to begin, right? Now it's time to ride a flooded river, where splashes of water, rocks and sudden waterfalls will make the route full of surprises, Rafting River will steal you so many smiles! But this is just the beginning because on Wild River you can all jump in the dinghy together and the adventure will be even more exciting, in the dark, the descent will be even more amazing, this river is the wildest, so the important thing is to stay together! Faced with the wild of the wilds it's time to launch into the fantastic challenge of Tobogan Giganti, involve your family members in a race to the last splash!

Now slow down a bit on Big Foam: who will arrive first in the pool? Now call your crew, it’s Black hole’s time, a space-time journey that will make the impact with the water even more amazing. Abandoned the darkness, discover the brightest slide in the park, you will recognize it immediately because it is brillant green! If you think its over, you are really wrong! It's time to slide on Hydrotube 813, then live the thrilling experience of Niagara Falls.

Well, now break away from the group and embark on a solo, quiet descent, the waters of Rio Anaconda are peaceful! Call all the family members, especially the little ones and head to the Laguna Bambini, nothing nicer than seeing children having fun and playing, while adults can relax in the nearby hot tub area. The Laguna Bambini also hosts a colorful Castle, a soft Mini Foam and a nice Mini Pista that will give the smallest magical moments of fun. Now it’s time to discover Fiume Lento Bambini 300m of water pampering.

Wait experience is not finished yet! Dragon River is waiting for you! An amazing adventure to discover E- Long, the dragon, and his secrets. And again, relax with your loved ones in Laguna Blu, jump at the beat of music in the Piscina a Onde, discover the fabulous Prehistoric Park and its Botanical Path and finally enjoy the Laser Show!

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For Teen & Adults

Hero Mode
Only the brave.

You're a hero, but we want to warm you up! We have imagined for you a true warrior path! You will need: patience, courage, determination. We start by calmly tackling the soft blue bed of Big foam, there you will slide serenely ready to live an adventure between swirls, waterfalls and ferocious beasts on Crocodile Rapids and after, it will be the turn of Rafting River, a river full of fun that will warm your enthusiasm allowing you to live an exciting adventure in the dark and face the wild wild river of Wild River.

This is just the beginning! Hydrotubo 813 will test your challenge and Niagara Falls your ability to team up! Still not satisfied? Wait, the challenge is still long, aren’t you the future hero of Etnaland? The spirits that live in Jungle Splash are waiting for you, with the 30-meter jump, you will challenge the void, the spives, your own courage! Do you want to rest? Not yet, slide on Dark Kamikaze close your eyes and let the light surprise you like victory at the end of the race.

Do you feel more reckless than ever? So continue your adventure on Hydro Kamikaze and stay focused, after you will be called to face the breathtaking descent of Stukas, your back won’t even touch, designed for true fighters of fun like you! But courage is not enough to challenge Kamikaze, you need passion! You think you've finished? No, no, no! To be a real hero you have to get to the end of this day, so gather your strength and go to discover the 4 most famous twins in the Park, Twin Twister, four tunnels that will really entertain you! Then live Super Red Cannon experience, embark on a breathtaking descent that you will never forget! Since you're launched, it's time to take on the park's most reckless race: challenge the flames of Devil Race, and to do so, you'll not only have to be the fastest, but also the most determined!

Here we are, you are one step away from victory, you have to finish as a true warrior and to do so it is time to face the most famous and giant brothers of the Park: Colossum awaits you, 21.5 meters high, gigantic size, experience out of the lines, to face it you will need all your courage and a pinch of madness. Right next door, Titania, vortices, free falls and swings will be the elixir for your fearless heart, the fun will be colossal, guaranteed.
You won the challenge! As a reward, you'll find the unbridled fun of Piscina a Onde, 8 different types of waves await you, to celebrate your victory!

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