Remember that during the summer months the Themepark is open in the evening.
Make sure you have a sweater, the temperature drops and you may feel cold.
In the Themepark wear sensible footwear to avoid feeling uncomfortable after a long day, it's also important to make sure shoes are fastened securely when going on some of the more intense rides to make sure that they don't fall off!
If you're visiting with a group of friends it's a good idea to agree on a place to meet up, just in case you get separated and have trouble finding each other.
Ride photos are nice souvenir of your day at Etnaland, so look out for the cameras and don't forget to smile!
Our official photographer will capture your best moments together with Ciclopino and Ciclopina our mascots!
Remember to look for the photographer in the park and in Ciclopino’s castle!
Please note that, for your security, it is forbidden to enter the park with cans, and glass bottles or with blunt objects.
It might be a good idea to make use of the lockers around the park to avoid carrying too many things, the locations of these are shown on the Park Map. (Day and evening service).
In Etnaland’s Bazaar, besides souvenirs and gadgets you will find many small accessories to spend your day comfortably.