More people, more fun.

Group booking – (Minimun 40 people)

Book your group (min. 40 pax) by Fax and get privilege access to a dedicated ticket office, in addition for you:
1 free pass group leader – 1 free pass driver- 1 extra free pass
Send a Fax detailing: tour datename and contact number of the group leader, city where you are coming from, company and coach licence plate, name of the coach drivernumber of adults (excluding the group leader), number of kids between m 1,00 and m1,40 tall, chosen type of payment.

Please note
In your Fax please write: “I authorise the use of my personal data in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/03.” (Legible signature)  If you need an invoice please specify this in your booking detailing: name/company name, legal address, fiscal code and tax number (partita iva e codice fiscal).
We will be able to provide an invoice only on the same day of the tour and only if all the above details will be provided.

Group catering

Reservation manager Mrs Paola, tel. 349 3716983.

Pre- book a lunch meal for your group (minimum 20 people) and get a free lunch.
If you book for more than 30 people you will get an extra free lunch.
When you fax us, your ticket office booking, please specify the restaurant name, (1-3) the lunch meal name and the numbers of meals needed.
The group leader will collect both the meal vouchers and the Park tickets at the groups ticket office.

Please note
In case of special needs, and to confirm the booking, please contact the relevant reservation manager Mrs Paola.

Self-service Restaurant  "Tipico Siciliano" (from 12.30 to 3.00 pm)

Menu Turiddu:

  • Lunch menu: first course + course meat + side dish + soft drink 0,45 l pet: € 14,50
  • ½ Lunch menu: first or second course (choice) - side dish -  soft drink 0,45 l pet: € 9,90

Pizzeria “Farè” (from 12.00 pm)

  • Menu Bronze: Pizza biancaneve or margherita  + fries + soft drink on tap 0,40 l € 7,90

Payment conditions

Cash or bank draft. Personal checks are not accepted. In case of payment by Bank draft please send fax confirmation of payment at least two days before your trip date. Copy of the document must be handed at the cash desk. In case of bank transfer, currency will be the one of the day before the trip, but it will be necessary to  transfer the payment at least 5 days before. You’ll still need banker's acceptance at the cash desk .

Please note
For payment amount exceeding  € 999 (D.L. 201 of 12/6/2011 art. 12) please contact the following number 095 7913333- 4.

Download Group booking form